"...In all of the projects we have worked on together, Talmadge Vick has always been visible, accessible, and helpful. He has always gotten me connected to other contractors that I have been able to partner with. He is always available with I need anything, and if he does not know the answer to my questions, he always takes the time to find the answer for me. He has a skill for bringing people together, and is always able to point them in the right direction to be successful."
-Casey Sellers, Sellers Masonry

"Talmadge Vick has provided a wealth knowledge and experience to Minority/Women Owned Business and to the City of Evansville. His efforts have assisted our city in realizing some significant strides for M/WBE’s. Talmadge is a passionate champion for our minority business community....Two of Talmadge’s greatest strengthsare his eye for detail and his understanding of how to serve as a relationship builder at multiple business levels with various business and non-business professionals to produce the desired result."

-Connie Robinson-Blair, HMR Enterprises, Inc.

"Talmadge Vick’s focus and passion on the Evansville Ford Center Project afforded the development of multiple business partnerships and joint ventures for local and regional prime and subcontractors. His efforts netted minority and women owned business securing $21 million of prime and subcontracting revenue. Talmadge’s program management skills on the project were tested and his ability to resolve concerns and develop solutions and focus was critical for Hunt Construction Group to exceed the M/WBE participation goals set forth by the project owner of 21% with Talmadge’s program exceeding the goal with 23.5% M/WBE participation, in a city with a 10% minority population of diverse individuals.
Talmadge’s keen ability to match various contractors together in work scopes was very successful. He also was very respected as a relationship builder with and for the contractors. He responded to the challenge by strategically unbundling some bid packages to increase utilization in non-traditional and difficult work scopes. His strong compliance focus with prime and subcontractor’s attributed to the success and benefited the overall project climate to ensure adherence to all project requirements and standards.

-Bill Edwards, Hunt Construction Group